Soppressore di disturbo ad 1unita’ rack.

  • Transient suppressor
  • Voltage & ampere meter
  • 7W lamps for rack lighting


Protection Provided High voltage varistor surge and transient suppressor RFI/EMI interference filtration
Outlet Connectors 8 standard 3-prong grounded AC receptacles
Power Consumption Maximum: 1800W/15A load (120V unit) or 2300W/10A load (230V unit)
Power Source ~120V AC/60Hz (120V unit) or ~230V AC/50Hz 230V unit)
Circuit Breaker 15A (120V unit) or 10A (230 unit)
Lamps 5W/120V (120V unit) or 7W/230V (230V unit)
Dimensions (483 x 44.4 x 185mm), 1U rack height

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