D.I. Box passiva a 1 canale

  • Jack 1/4"unbalanced input
  • Jack 1/4" unbalanced link output
  • XLR balanced output Ground lift
  • 20 dB attenuator

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Input 1/4" mono Jack connector (Tip Hot, Sleeve Ground) parallel link output 1/4" Jack connector
for feeding to other equipment
Attenuator 0dB / 20dB / 40dB
Impedance Unbalanced 50K Ohms / Balanced 600 Ohms
Output 3 pins connector, transformer balanced, will drive lines from 600 Ohms
Frequency Response 10Hz to 30KHz ±1dB
Dimensions 127 x 76 x 45mm
Weight 0.54Kg

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